[EpiData-list] Lost all my code as a result of a system error

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Wed Oct 28 13:26:08 CDT 2009

Maybe some limit of file size was exceeded. Not sure if this is still
correct but look at:


Peter Geddes

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Yesterday I was working on a questionnaire (over 300 variables) and at an
> advanced stage, got this message "Access violation at address 0048AC7 in
> module Epidata.exe.  Read of address 00000000".  I lost the whole work after
> it will not allow me to save.  I started anew but this time I backed up the
> chk file at different stages of the developmeent of code (has a lot of skip
> patterns and replace of values in all places which have been skipped).  The
> problem has appeared occurred agian and naturally have lost the code I was
> building from this afternoon.   Has this happened to anyone before and if so
> how did you resolve it?
> Thanks in advance
> Martin

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