[EpiData-list] Bug in Epidata Entry?

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Thu Oct 29 09:10:28 CDT 2009


I programmed a lot of diffent entryforms in Epidata but now I sometimes 
get a errormessage "window has no scrollbars", when I try to open a 
rec-file in epidata entry by doubleclicking it in windows-explorer (Win 
XP, SP3). This only happened with files, that use a big data-file for a 
"comment legal" command in the chk-file (icd-code table with 14000 entries).

It seems to work, when I start epidata as a window (not maximized!) and 
then open the rec-file. Or if I closed epidata entry before as a window 
(not maximized) and then double click the rec-file in win-explorer.

If I close epidata maximized, the parameters in the epidata.ini-file are:


(My monitor resolution is 1280x1024).

Is this a bug in Epidata entry? Does anybody had similar problems?


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