[EpiData-list] Revision of check commands during entry - and bugs in Entry

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Wed Nov 4 14:49:55 CST 2009

Dear all

A number of bugs have been reported on part of EpiData Entry recently. 
Some of these are known and others new. All reporting done to the 
Flyspray database and/or discussed on this list are very important 
inputs to the re-writing of software which includes a new Entry-Client. 
The new client will use the proposed "XML" based data format, but will 
also fix known issues.
Currently the development is focused on quality issues of reading and 
writing data files. The decision has been made to rely on "in-house" 
quality assurance where we construct a number of "difficult to read 
files", and document that these can be read, exported to all supported 
formats, read again with proper testing of values, field formats etc. 
This strategy is much less error-prone than relying on user-reporting of 
testing. The similar report for EpiData Analysis is always available at: 


Currently we are looking at all the Check file commands to decide how 
and which of these should be continued or discontinued. Currently NO 
commands are on the "discontinue list". But some commands might be 
challenged. When doing so, the EpiData list will be oriented.

There are three types of current check file contents:
Metadata descriptions (study label, file label, field labels, 
category/value labels, missing value definitions).
Data Entry attributes at field or file level: (range, legal, mustenter,  
top of  form,  no-enter,  type comment etc) (file level: type comment 
allfields ....etc)
Scripting commands : (jumps, goto, if ... then ... before file, after 
file, relate .....)

Basicly the three levels a,b,c also  reflect  the user  groups. From 
quick studies almost without metadata, labels are added (a), attributes 
added (b) and then further controls (c). A proper visually oriented 
filebuilder will be developed to assist users in the definition of these 

Documentation of the new file format is shown at:


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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