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I like it! I had thought along those lines but did not know how to 
concatenate strings.

I received your PS too; thanks.

One other question:  I just became involved in this existing project. 
The data date back to 2003, and had been recorded in Excel spreadsheets, 
a separate Excel file for each site, and within each file a separate 
worksheet for each month, with several years' worth of that month on 
that sheet.  Now everything is in Epidata. Unfortunately, the existing 
data have many duplicate site-date records. What do you think will be 
the effect of implementing your suggestion, given this circumstance?

I have the analysis set up to run in R, and I think I can make R ignore 
duplicate site-date combinations. So the existing duplicates would 
remain in the database but have no effect on analysis. If need be, could 
I implement your suggestion only prospectively, for new entries?


Christopher W. Ryan, MD
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epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> I am entering daily visit counts to walk-in clinics in our area. There 
> are 6 clinics or sites. So a record is uniquely identified by site and 
> date. Is there a way to prevent the entry of records with a site-date 
> combination that duplicates a site-date combination that already exists 
> in the database?
> The easiest is: - assume your file name is walk_in.rec and walk_in.qes
> 0. make a backup of your data to some other media or drive
> 1. add a text field (fldcontrol), e.g. length 75 to your walk_in.qes 
> file at the bottom.
> 2. open the file walk_in.rec for entry
> 3. entry will ask you to update your rec file with changed structure.
>       accept this with a "yes/ok"
> 4. close the file without entering any new records
> 5. add to the chk file the following:
>     assuming your first field is site and second field is clinic number:
> site
> mustenter
> end
> clinic
>  mustenter
>  after entry
>    fldcontrol = string(site) + "-" + string(clinic)
>  end
> end
> fldcontrol
>  noenter
>  key unique
> end
> If you enter any again a warning will come out automatically since the 
> key unique is tested at assignment of the value, not at the field (which 
> is never entered).
> Let us know on the list whether this works.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
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