[EpiData-list] preventing duplicate entries - ps

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Mon Dec 7 09:55:37 CST 2009

Marking the record as deleted does not get rid of the record. You have 
to Pack the file to eliminate the deleted records (Tool menu)
Jamie Hockin

Chris wrote:
> Now this is even more interesting: if I write down the two records 
> cited in the error message about duplicate values on CONTROL, then 
> inactivate the key unique requiremnt, then open the file successfully, 
> then mark one of the DEL (deleted), save the file, exit EpiData, then 
> reactivate the key unique requirement, then try to reopen the file for 
> data entry, I get the exact same error message: those same two records 
> are cited as duplicated on CONTROL, even though one of them is now 
> marked DEL.

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