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Hello Silvano,
 You might find some usefull ideas in the examples you can download from the EPIDATA 

    Postoperative infections

Click on this link and dwnload there the examles named POWI. Although it is in DUTCH 
language, the CHECK/files will be understdable by any one.
Hope this helps you.
 Gretings, Louk.

email direct:    loukmeertens at hetnet.nl

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I have a questionnaire that split in 3 files.

The first file refers to general data;
The second file refers to the postoperative period;
The third refers to the visits made to the patient. Such 
visits may be 4 or more.

I wish I could enter the data of visits, using the files 1 
and 2 with the patient's personal information.

There is an example (House) on page Epi date but could not 

Could anyone help me?

Can I send the files I built, if necessary.

Thank you,

Silvano Cesar da Costa
Departamento de Estatística
Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Fone: 3371-4346

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