[EpiData-list] First public test of the EpiData Manager available for Mac, Linux and Windows

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Mon Dec 21 15:50:30 CST 2009

Dear all

Early October I announced the new XML format and mid November followed 
up with a six point strategy. The first part of this is now ready for 

The overall design of the future EpiData software has now evolved to 
this decision:
a. EpiData Manager: data and project manager
b. EpiData Entry Client: data entry client
c. EpiData Analysis: analysis and reporting
(plus epic for some batch operations)

The products are not ready yet in the new rebuilt versions, but just now 
you are welcome to test and comment on the first public test release 
version of the EpiData Manager.

The test release supports operating systems. (Win, Mac, Linux) in 32 and 
64 bit versions.
Please download from: Http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Just download and unzip (un-tar etc) the file, which contains only one 
exe file.

What you can test is:
a read datafiles in supported formats (qes, rec, dta, dbf, csv ..)
   look at the dataform created based on the contents of the read file.
b. create a new datastructure from scratch
     add fields by clicking on a toolbar or using command keys
c. move fields around with the mouse (does not work in Mac yet)
d. save files in the new recxml file documented on the wiki. See the 
testing.php page.

Please discuss the interface design, implementation and test results in 
your opinion on this list. Reproducible errors can be reported to the 
bug-reporting database. See the testing.php page.

Development continues with more aspects. Just using say 15 minutes 
should tell you whether the new principle is intuitive or not.

Meanwhile I am starting a quest for more funding to continue 
developments beyond the current plans ending quite soon. Any ideas for 
funding or donations are welcomed. It seems to me we should all try to 
get funding to secure the current staff (one person plus partial 
payments for a few others) for another year before the whole package is 
ready for general release as open-source in a sustainable way. The 
current test release should work as a "proof of concept" in relation to 
the shift and release for several operating systems.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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