[EpiData-list] New EpiData Manager ready for (next) test

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Thu Jan 21 18:09:36 CST 2010

The EpiData Data Manager will gradually replace the existing EpiData 
Entry software as development goes on.

Why change to EpiData Manager ?
Since release of first EpiData software in 1999 many aspects have 
changed. The main reasons for development of the new strategy are:
• New users are increasingly ”graphicly” oriented and focused on mouse 
usage. ◦ not understanding the well known qes-chk-rec principle
• There is a need for multiplatform development (Linux, Mac, Windows, 
PDA …..)
• Font management is changing to UTF-8 to avoid nationalisation problems
• We wish to implement GCP (Good Clinical Practice) required for many 
medical data projects. This demands encryption and logging of editing at 
a very detailed level.
• There should be a common ”engine” for all EpiData software, such that 
handling of data and metadata (labels etc.) are based on the same 
internal routines.
• When doing data entry it should not be immediately easy to change 
rules or structure for data entry personnel. Therefore a dedicated 
EpiData EntryClient will be developed – serving only data entry.

How will a project manager see the new strategy ?
The work process is more clearly divided into what the manager does and 
what the data entry persons do. The EpiData Manager is a tool for the 
project person, which:
• Defines data structures, adds metadata (labels and definitions), 
documents data and exports for analysis.
• Updates data with new fields, changed formats for fields (e.g. More 
decimals) and is used for control of data.
• There is a choice of using computers with either Linux, Mac or Windows

A short introduction document is found next to where the test 
application can be downloaded. See http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Apart from fixing many bugs, the new version now includes an editor, a 
revised interface and allows for pasting from a qes file or the editor.

Next phase is to add checks and develop the Entry Client.

For the planning please comment on the new release, which includes an 
editor. Also we should have a discussion on which are the "core" check 
commands that almost everyone uses and which are enhanced.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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