[EpiData-list] additional core commands

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Fri Jan 22 10:59:53 CST 2010

Core might also contain
       the equivalent of 'comment legal use', within the label definition
I think that 'hide' would be more useful in the .chk file. But either 
'hide' or 'noenter' should be core (I prefer 'noenter'; save 'hide' for 
I think that 'message' is more of a programming command (.chk), but some 
equivalent longer field explanation fits with core.
I think that 'goto' is a programming command (.chk), but takes the place 
of autojump in core?

Jamie Hockin
(apologies for the empty e-mail this morning)

> Hello
>      Please add these very important commands:
>        'comment legal show'
>        'comment legal use'
>         confirm
> Thanks
> For implementation in the first updated entry client we need to define a 
> basic core set of basic check commands Suggestion: (please comment):
> backup
> value label, legal, range and missing value definitions
> type comment
> jump / goto
> hide
> topofpage
> mustenter
> repeat
> message (help)
> key unique

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