[EpiData-list] New EpiData Manager ready for (next) test

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Fri Jan 22 12:11:47 CST 2010

My immediate reaction:
- <F2> <Shift-F2> etc are really great and will make the form creation 
go much more quickly than using the mouse
- I like the tagging in the editor and visual indicator showing where a 
field starts and ends
- editor does not mind that a file is open in Manager (good!), but each 
should recognize when a file has been changed by the other

- do Labels need to be treated the same as Fields in recxml? All they 
really need is location (colour, font eventually?)
- paste from Qes identifies labels well, but does not place a label 
following a field on the same screen line as the field
e.g.   v10 temperature ##.#  C
will place the 'C' on the line following v10
- it is hard to place labels on the same line as a field using the mouse 
- need 'snap' for labels as well (and have them obey font changes)
- vertical align might support the snap settings also

- placement of screen elements will be a challenge and this is a great 
I wonder if recxml format should allow for the following:
* within <name>, the ability to show the name or not (seems to be 'show' 
* 5 elements for each field:
    label that precedes the entry field
    entry field
    label that follows the entry field
    extended explanation of the field (accessed by the help key)
* with each of the first 4 elements to be placed horizontally, using 
<align>, relative to the screen border (for name) or entry field (for 
name and labels)

No crashes or unexpected behaviour on my PC. My MacBook is coming next 
week and I look forward to trying it out.

Jamie Hockin
> The EpiData Data Manager will gradually replace the existing EpiData 
> Entry software as development goes on.
> Why change to EpiData Manager ?
> Since release of first EpiData software in 1999 many aspects have 
> changed. The main reasons for development of the new strategy are:
> • New users are increasingly ”graphicly” oriented and focused on mouse 
> usage. ◦ not understanding the well known qes-chk-rec principle
> • There is a need for multiplatform development (Linux, Mac, Windows, 
> PDA …..)
> • Font management is changing to UTF-8 to avoid nationalisation problems
> • We wish to implement GCP (Good Clinical Practice) required for many 
> medical data projects. This demands encryption and logging of editing 
> at a very detailed level.
> • There should be a common ”engine” for all EpiData software, such 
> that handling of data and metadata (labels etc.) are based on the same 
> internal routines.
> • When doing data entry it should not be immediately easy to change 
> rules or structure for data entry personnel. Therefore a dedicated 
> EpiData EntryClient will be developed – serving only data entry.
> How will a project manager see the new strategy ?
> The work process is more clearly divided into what the manager does 
> and what the data entry persons do. The EpiData Manager is a tool for 
> the project person, which:
> • Defines data structures, adds metadata (labels and definitions), 
> documents data and exports for analysis.
> • Updates data with new fields, changed formats for fields (e.g. More 
> decimals) and is used for control of data.
> • There is a choice of using computers with either Linux, Mac or Windows
> A short introduction document is found next to where the test 
> application can be downloaded. See http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php
> Apart from fixing many bugs, the new version now includes an editor, a 
> revised interface and allows for pasting from a qes file or the editor.
> Next phase is to add checks and develop the Entry Client.
> For the planning please comment on the new release, which includes an 
> editor. Also we should have a discussion on which are the "core" check 
> commands that almost everyone uses and which are enhanced.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association

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