[EpiData-list] Can Epi Data be used on a Macbook

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Hi Conrad,

I don't use a Mac, but the following statement is from someone who does.
I hope it helps:

The EpiData website says 'EpiData is currently developed for windows
95/98/NT/2000/XP'. It only runs natively on Windows. The latest Mac OS
comes with a Windows emulator, so it could be run on a Mac, but the Mac
user would need to buy a copy of Windows and install it on their Mac,
partition their hard drive, and then run EpiData using the emulator
(called BootCamp). According to website, EpiData can be run with
limitations on Linux using wine (another Windows emulator).


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Just wondering if Epi Data can be run on a Apple Mac machine.
Any experiences??

Thanks for any input
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