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I have recently upgraded to version 2.2.171 of epidata analysis. I mainly use Epidata analysis to analyse disease outbreaks and with this new version I am finding it more difficult to ask for the attack rate table that is such a useful tool. Perhaps I am getting confused because I have not used epidata analysis for a while, but I thought that in earlier versions, it was possible to select an attack rate table (with relative risk, CI and pvalue for all exposures of interest) using options from the analysis menu. This time I had to search around the help menu and try and find the code.
The code I used was tables SICK VARIABLE 1 VARIABLE 2 etc /CT/oa.
Is there some way I can ask for this table through the menus? 
The reason I am asking is that I want to show other people in our unit how to use epidata to create an attack rate table and I think they will find it easier to go through a menu.
thanks very much

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