[EpiData-list] Outbreak analysis/gnerating attack rate tables

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You can do this using the menus. When you select TABLES on the Analysis task bar, the dialogue box you get can be expanded by dragging the lower left corner. Then the full set of options appears. You can check Compact for the Table Type and then choose RR or OR, etc.

Jamie Hockin
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On 2010-02-28, at 5:50 PM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

>  an attack rate table (with relative risk, CI and pvalue for all exposures of interest) using options from the analysis menu. This time I had to search around the help menu and try and find the code.
> The code I used was tables SICK VARIABLE 1 VARIABLE 2 etc /CT/oa.
> Is there some way I can ask for this table through the menus?

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