[EpiData-list] Suggestion for automatic checks in new Epidata manager

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Hi All, 

Jens was here at Epicentre to discuss some of the future plans for 
Epidata, and we had a brief overview of Epidata manager. As someone who 
writes qes/chk files using a text editor,  I was disappointed to hear that 
it would not be possible to do this using Epidata manager (although the 
possibilty is there to import pre written qes files). In discussion with 
Jens, we talked about a solution to how a pre-written chk file can also be 
incorporated with Epidata manager. 

My suggestion is to have a data dictionary, where you not only specify the 
variable name, variable label, value labels and the data format, but you 
also add attributes for missing values, range checks , legal values etc. 
The dictionary could be a CSV file, that can be easily created using 

Something along the lines of .....

Ideally however, what I would like is to have more flexibility, where you 
can assign the same attribute to the variables concerned in one statement, 
rather than listing one by one as a above,  for example For all variables 
whose value 9 should be treated as missing, the attribute missing can 
given using for example the for loop as in stata,

for gender locat type case { 

Also for those variables that share the same labels, you should be able to 
define one label and then assign to the variable concerned.

Once the dictionary is imported into Epidata manager, you can then use the 
graphics device to organise the data entry screen.

Food for thought, I hope?
All the best
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