[EpiData-list] Suggestion for automatic checks in new Epidata manager

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Thu Mar 11 15:51:20 CST 2010

11 March 2010

Hello All,
I follow the plans and see a lot of work coming for Jens and his team and despite that all I still 
cannot see the gain in it.
When users are too lazy to learn a bit typing to make the necessary RECfiles and 
CHECKfiles ,these users can never be good EPIDEMIOLOGISTS.
MOUSERS should stick to BROWSERS.

> Hi All, 
> Jens was here at Epicentre to discuss some of the future plans for 
> Epidata, and we had a brief overview of Epidata manager. As someone who 
> writes qes/chk files using a text editor,  I was disappointed to hear that 
> it would not be possible to do this using Epidata manager (although the 
> possibilty is there to import pre written qes files). In discussion with 
> Jens, we talked about a solution to how a pre-written chk file can also be 
> incorporated with Epidata manager. 
> My suggestion is to have a data dictionary, where you not only specify the 
> variable name, variable label, value labels and the data format, but you 
> also add attributes for missing values, range checks , legal values etc. 
> The dictionary could be a CSV file, that can be easily created using 
> excel. 
> Something along the lines of .....
> Ideally however, what I would like is to have more flexibility, where you 
> can assign the same attribute to the variables concerned in one statement, 
> rather than listing one by one as a above,  for example For all variables 
> whose value 9 should be treated as missing, the attribute missing can 
> given using for example the for loop as in stata,
> for gender locat type case { 
>   missing=9
> }
> Also for those variables that share the same labels, you should be able to 
> define one label and then assign to the variable concerned.
> Once the dictionary is imported into Epidata manager, you can then use the 
> graphics device to organise the data entry screen.
> Food for thought, I hope?
> All the best
> Sarala

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