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Strange, by coincidence I asked my IT coordinator for a  good general text 
editor today for another purpose. He also recommended Crimson and it could 
do a lot of other useful things that I needed - convert uppper case to 
lower case, column editing and a lot of more. And at the same time it 
seems intuitive to use and not overloaded with features.
One thing I've not solved yet -  it does not seem to be available by right 
clicking on a file, eg. anyfile.txt, as an available program to use for 
'open with...'.
Kind regards
Claus Holst

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[EpiData-list] Text editor for EpiData Analysis programs

Jens and I gave last week a course for operations research fellows in 
The Union's training program.  One colleague pointed us to the excellent 
free Crimson text editor (  Jens wrote 
then the necessary key and language components that can be inserted into 
the editor to read and edit EpiData programs color-coded to reduce 
errors if you wish to edit your analysis programs outside the native 
EpiData Analysis text editor.  I can strongly recommend it.  Visit the 
EpiData website page and look at the 
bottom for utilities.


PS: Thank you, Zaw, for pointing us to the editor, and thank you Jens, 
to make it particularly useful for EpiData Analysis programs.

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