Vedr.: [EpiData-list] Text editor for EpiData Analysis programs

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Thu Mar 18 22:30:32 CDT 2010

Sadly, Crimson/Emerald is not available for the MAC yet. I've stayed with jEdit, which is feature-rich, works on all platforms, but is still easy to use. I have a working syntax highlighting definition for EpiData Analysis programs in jEdit if anyone else is using it. It matches parentheses on screen as you type or review a line.

jEdit will automatically open your last project (i.e. set of files), which is useful for working on .qes, .chk or several .pgm

Any of these editors will be better to use if they can match END/ENDIF to the corresponding start of the block.
That will be especially useful for .chk files.

Jamie Hockin

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