[EpiData-list] "Cannot apply opGT to missing operands"

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Sat Mar 20 15:26:16 CDT 2010

Dear Tieble:

Just to get it out of the way (apologies if it is too trivial a 
question): is your idno KEY UNIQUE in file1.rec and KEY in file2.rec?  I 
am asking because I simulated it and get no error message.


On 20:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Is there a possible solution to avoid the error message
> "Error in IF expression; Cannot apply opGT to missing operands"
> during data entry under the check commands below?
> NB: (values and labels 0=No; 1=Yes) for varsv1
> varsv1
>    COMMENT LEGAL USE label_varsv1
>      IF varsv1=1 THEN
>        GOTO WRITE
>      ENDIF
>      IF varsv1=0 THEN
>        RELATE idno file2.rec
>      ENDIF
>    END
> I am not sure if this error message is related to a bug or typo.
> Your help would be very appreciated.
> Tieble
> London, UK

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