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Dear Tieble:

Apologies, if still persisting: idno must be "KEY UNIQUE" in file1.rec 
and "KEY" (not "KEY UNIQUE") in file2.rec.  The reason being that it 
cannot usually be unique in file2.rec.  It worked for me in all XP, 
Vista Win7.  You can add (but do not need) "1" in both files, ie idno is 
"KEY UNIQUE 1" in file1.rec and "KEY 1" in file2.rec.



On 20:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Dear Hans,
> Thank you for asking; indeed the idno is key unique 1 in file.rec1 and key
> unique 2 in file.rec2 and file.rec 3.
> I have tested the files using different computers (at least 3) they all work
> fine (sorry for not stating this in my previous request).  However, the
> error  occurs and continues to occur when I use my lap top (Vista) and yet
> this is my main tool to design the entire database.
> Clearly, the error may not be associated with EpiData; but something to do
> with my laptop (with Vista, in particular).
> Are there any solutions or just ignore it?
> Kind regards
> Tieble

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