[EpiData-list] Data missing after merge - any ideas?

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Thu Apr 8 17:06:10 CDT 2010

I presume that the smaller file has information that was missing in the first, or updated information on records already in the larger file.

If that is the case, add /update to the merge command to use all non-missing values in the smaller file to replace whatever (missing or not) is in the larger file. Add /updateall to replace everything for records that match.

The help for merge explains the options.

Jamie Hockin

On 2010-04-08, Susie wrote:

> I have two files - one fairly large (9000 records, 51 fields) and a second
> one with 500 records, and the same 51 fields.  I can read and manipulate
> both files in Epidata Analysis but when I try to merge them using the common
> field of ID number, the second one has all missing variables, except the
> common field of ID number.

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