[EpiData-list] Year with two digits

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Tue Apr 27 09:51:20 CDT 2010


Can you read the data with correct dates in EpiData Analysis? If so, you could define a new dd/mm/yyyy field for each date and save the data in a new file, dropping the old dates. The new file should go into Stata fine.

I've bcc'd your gmail also - I've dealt with this type of file many times and have always managed to get  the data into other software correctly. Feel free to e-mail directly rather than through the list.

Jamie Hockin

On 2010-04-27, Pedro wrote:

> My problem is that the dates of birth and follow-up start are configured as
> dd/mm/yy , that is Year with tow digits. When I open the data from within
> Stata, weird dates come. Just the years look weird such as 01apr2020. All
> the years are 2020 or 2019 and I know the yars may range from 1986 to 1999.

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