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Thank you for your quick response. I did find a workaround after all. I
downloaded the EPI6 from CDC website and I did read the EPI6 readme file.
There was as part of the help file that helped me.

It seems that the 6.04d version of EPI6 automatically update the two digits
to four digits year when revised rec file is requested from new qes file an
insert the 20.. or 19.. before the two year digit. That is, opens the qes;
change the <dd/mm/yy> to <dd/mm/yyyy> and ask the enter to revise from the
new qes.

Now I could export from EpiData to Stata fine, althoug I had to do some
editing to correctly assign the 19.. and 20..

I wonder why I couldnt get it done from the EpiData entry as I did from
EPI6. Perhaps because EpiData does not work with tow digit year in any way.

Kind regards,

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,

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2010/4/27 Jamie Hockin <jamie.hockin at sympatico.ca>

> Pedro,
> Can you read the data with correct dates in EpiData Analysis? If so, you
> could define a new dd/mm/yyyy field for each date and save the data in a new
> file, dropping the old dates. The new file should go into Stata fine.
> I've bcc'd your gmail also - I've dealt with this type of file many times
> and have always managed to get  the data into other software correctly. Feel
> free to e-mail directly rather than through the list.
> Jamie Hockin
> Ottawa
> On 2010-04-27, Pedro wrote:
> > My problem is that the dates of birth and follow-up start are configured
> as
> > dd/mm/yy , that is Year with tow digits. When I open the data from within
> > Stata, weird dates come. Just the years look weird such as 01apr2020. All
> > the years are 2020 or 2019 and I know the yars may range from 1986 to
> 1999.

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