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I understand the two different methods of double-entering data, and I do
indeed want to "prepare for double-entry".  The problem is that when I
go to prepare the questionnaire for double entry, I can only choose to
prepare either the parent OR the child file.  If I choose the parent
file, then a double-entry file is only created for the parent file -
when I open it to double enter the data, it relates to the original
child file, so it opens the parent double entry file along with the
original child file.  Since only one of the two files is a double entry
file, the program thinks I am entering the data for the first time, and
does not compare the alues entered to the values from the original file.


I cannot seem to find a way to prepare both the parent and the child
file for double entry together. If I prepare them for double entry
separately, I run into similar problems.







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Hi Sam:


There are two approaches to double-enter: 1) independently, 2) the
second file depending on the first.  You seemingly chose the latter
("prepare for double-entry").  If you choose that option, you must enter
the records in the same sequence (I believe) and the value of each field
in the second record will be compared to the corresponding one in the
first and a discordance reported, so you can verify.  Thus, no need to
enter twice.


Alternatively, you enter your related file pairs independently between
first and second entry.  You must have a unique identifier in both the
parent and the child file.  The sequence then doesn't matter of course.

After you have entered parent1-child1 and parent2-child1, you validate

parent1-vs-parent2 on the unique identifier, then child1-vs-child2 on
that identifier.




On 20:59, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Hi,


> I have a questionnaire that uses two related .rec files for data

> I want to double enter the data by checking for discrepancies as the 

> data is entered the second time.  Is it possible to do this for 

> questionnaires that span two .rec files?  When I try to prepare for 

> double entry, the program creates a "file1_dbl.rec" file, but relates 

> it to the "file2.rec" file rather than creating a "file2_dbl.rec" file

> to compare against.


> I am thinking that I will just have to un-relate the file, and enter 

> and double-enter the survey in two parts, but any help would be


> Thanks,


> Sam




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