[EpiData-list] Access violation error with Codebook command in EpiData (second try)

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Wed Apr 28 14:50:13 CDT 2010

When trying to create a Codebook I get an access violation error. I have tried to carefully revise the check file with no result. The error seems to be related to only  fields named with the pattern "xxxcom" which all are string variables.
-If I choose all fields before "xxxcom" the Codebook for those variables will be created without error. 
-If I only check "xxxcom" --> access violation
-If I check variables before and after "xxxcom" --> access violation
-If I check only variables after "xxxcom" -->no error
Error message:
"Access violation at address 00403347 in module 'EpiData.exe' Read of address 393938FB"

Epidata 3.1 (270108)
Windows XP Pro

Thanks for help

Jonas Malmstedt, MD
Department of Vascular Surgery, N1:06
Karolinska University Hospital
SE-171 76 Stockholm

PS I have also noticed another problem: smtimes EpiData Will not read *.not and *.rec files. I get an error telling me that the file name are not valid or the file is used. When I try to open the same file not NotePad - no problem! DS

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