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I thought about you related file problem and perhaps there is a workaround.
I thougth for example of edaverse event notification of medication use. Each
patient is using one or more medications and while using these may have two
or more events simultaneously such as rash nausea and vomiting. Each event
will be a record in a related file. But the unique identifier is the patient
record and may cause trouble in double entry.

Perhaps if each related record may be a combination, you me be able to run
double entry independently.


Main qes file ---
ID #####
name ___
medication ___

related file ----

ID #####
event __
eventID ________
description _____

Related chk file

before entry
  let eventID = ID + event

If patient 123 has three events
then eventID would be 123a 123b and 123c and may uniquely identify the
events and double entry may be possible by this eventID.

I did not test it although.

But this means you would have to type all again if you already typed it all.
Or perhaps exporting editing and importing may make this easier.

kind regards,

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,

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