[EpiData-list] status april 2010 for rewriting of core and EpiData Manager

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Thu Apr 29 16:05:17 CDT 2010

Dear all

Since release of last trial version of the new EpiData Manager in 
January around 1000 copies have been downloaded from the testing.php 
website at epidata.dk.

Since then we (Torsten Christiansen and I) have worked on ways of 
implementing the more subtle parts of the old rec file system in the new 
format, which is described at 

The description is not completely up to date, but will be updated soon.

The challenge was to also include relate, encryption and principles for 
translation of data forms in a structured way. This has now been 
completed and I expect a new release for testing within some weeks.

In the final file format all contents will be contained in one physical 
file formulated in XML and in compliance with the w3c.org validator for 
an xml file. The basic blocks implemented will  be:
- user access control block
- a list of control structures, e.g. specification of relationship btw. 
- a list of tables contained (each like an old rec file)
- in each table a number of sections
- in each section a number of fields.
- each field having a number of attributes, such as type (integer, 
string etc), controls etc.

The file will contain the combination of all current rec and chk files 
for a given project. User control will be at the section level.

Many users will now think "Oh-no" they changed the simplicity principle 
of REC-CHK-QES and created a monster system with many problems. This is 
however NOT the case.  For a simple project the file content structure 
is of no interest to the user and will appear simple. But by containing 
all in one physcal file it should become much easier to keep track of 
the data for a given project. Basicly with the new structure files can 
also be edited in a standard editor.

The complete rewriting is expected to be completed in about one year 
from now, and funding is still welcomed for the process.

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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