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Tue May 25 17:12:29 CDT 2010

Dear All

Due to funding received (and more expected) the development phase has 
been lengthened to summer 2011 allowing for the continuation of 
T.Christiansen to work fulltime on the restructuring. All programming is 
now done in Freepascal and Lazarus.

The development of the EpiData Manager has now come to a new stage, 
where test versions will be released with shorter intervals. The release 
will happen in these steps:
a. Test placement of fields in data entry forms. Move fields, add 
sections. Only one form is allowed. Edit variable labels (questions).
b. Include previous data structures on a form. Will import rec files and 
dta (stata) files.
c. Write data files and export data structures to rec file and dta files
d. Start development of a dedicated entry client.
e. Add definition and editing of category labels (value labels).
f. Add to data forms the possibility of translating labels and questions

If all goes well points a-f will be ready within the next few months. 
After this a new planning sequence will include relational aspects and 
multi entry forms of the same project, user access control and other 
coming aspects.

The first new release mentioned above (a) was released earlier today 
from http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php for the operating systems Linux, 
Mac and Windows.

It will seem as a backstep in relation to the previous test version, but 
we are approaching the same level with a completely new final XML data 
file structure. The new structure will accomodate all we would like and 
will be visible in the next stage (b), where users can see the xml 


This first release is covering what happens in the definition of a 
single data form. Including the addition of new fields, new sections and 
heading lines.

A section is a sub-division of a single data entry form. A section has 
NOT been used previously in EpiData software and contains a number of 
fields. Jumps will allow jumps between sections and user access control 
will be at the section level.
When you first start the application you  will see two sections, which 
can be moved, edited and deleted.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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