[EpiData-list] More information principles of conversion and development on the new test release of EpiData Manager

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Wed May 26 02:35:31 CDT 2010

Over the next months development will focus on replacing basic 
functionality of current EpiData Entry - advanced aspects will be 
covered after this.

Users will ask: can we import all old rec+chk files and save to chk+rec 
files from the new system ?
- the answer is: The new system will be able to read all single files 
and basic checks, whereas  complex systems will not be directly 
convertible, e.g. systems with relate or many calculations in "after 
entry" blocks. The new system will in the end contain the same 
functionality, but in modernised way, where the simple types (e.g. 
mustenter, legal, range etc) are very easy to define, and complex and 
rarely used ones come in only for experts.

The essense is to be highly focused on the niche for EpiData Software: 
simplicity and focus on data quality. But do so in view of current 
demands for data documentation, open standards, transparency btw. 
operating systems.
Priority in the next 6 months will be given to conversion to the new 
principle for:
a. simple projects with only one data form.
b. simple projects only applying basic controls of entry (value 
labels,legal, range, mustenter ....)
c. import rec+chk and dta files for addition to or definition of data 
d. import a single rec+chk file or dta file with data and revise 
structure - and save again with data.
e. entry of data with a new dedicated entry client
f. adaptation of analysis such that the new file types can be read

Users will - via this list - be asked for specific testing as we go along.

Jens  Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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