[EpiData-list] Introduction document and help in the new Manager

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Wed May 26 02:59:14 CDT 2010

The manager contains a "help" menu. On this two entries are found. :
1 short introduction
2 show shortcuts

The first one (introduction) will check first if the file 
"epidatamanagerintro.pdf" is present in the location on your computer, 
where you stored the manager exe file.
If so the file is opened in the local pdf reader. If not present the 
standard internet browser will open the document:      

If you then save the file in the same folder as the exe file, the local 
copy will be opened thereafter.

2 show shortcuts
This will open the "wiki" documentation system directly via internet. If 
you have no current internet connection an error will appear in your 


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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