[EpiData-list] new test release of EpiData Manager.... additional information

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Wed Jun 9 14:25:48 CDT 2010

One additional aspect in the current testing round of EpiData Manager:

Please notice that there can be only one data form /file open at any time.
If you wish to view several forms/files at the same time just start more 
than one instance of the Manager.

Also note, that no warnings will be given if you open a file and have 
already some structures on the form.

Obviously later this will be changed with the appropriate number of 
warnings and securing mechanisms.

The idea of the project file now shown in the manager is that several 
individual data forms (e.g. rec files) can be contained in the same 
physical file. This is why the file containing data has changed name 
from data file to project file.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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