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Dear members,

After much work I could export my data to SAS without problems. If you ever run into the same issue, save your .rec file as .csv file. In case of EpiData .csv is read as the same as .txt. 

Thanks Tieble and Jamie for the replies!


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Hi Rafael,
Did you try to export into another package such as Stata, or Excel, and so
on?  How did  you export your data into SAS (using EpiData export tool or
Stata Transfer)? Brief, I suggest that you reconsider  another package (such
as Stata).  Assuming that you have already done this, then second suggestion
is to post a chunk of few lines of fake or your real data then you may get
appropriate help.

Thank you
Tieble, London, UK

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>  I am quite sure everyone can understand the amount of work involved in
> the current rewriting and the need to focus and set the scope for
> development at a realistic level.
> One of the aspects that I currently consider not needed is the
> development of an editor.
> Power users will each have their own preference for an editor and for
> the EpiData Manager we can optimise usage of the clipboard instead of
> developing a new editor.
> Another issue is the need for documentation tools. My current
> understanding is that we do need:
> - double entry verification (comparing two files and showing differences)
> - count by id function (show a list of how many times a given id is
> contained in a number of files)
> - data verification according to controls built into a given data file.
>      e.g. whether all mustenter, range and value label definitions are met
> - verification of keys (unique) and listing of observations not meeting
> the defined key
> And I also think these should be part of the Manager, whereas other
> functions such as:
>   codebook, listing and viewing data
> should be part of analysis.
> Comments on these aspects and the announced development phase sequence
> are welcomed on this list.
> >  The next development phases are: a. Prevent double naming of fields
> >  on a dataform b. Develop first test release of a dedicated Entry
> >  Client. c.  Add timed backup and date named zip file copy to Entry
> >  Client function. d. Add control of entry (mustenter, range, value
> >  labels) to Entry Client. e. Add multilanguage capability to dataform
> >  definition and entry client.
> regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association
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> Subject: [EpiData-list] Problem exporting data to SAS
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> Dear members,
> I am currently setting up my database and faced one problem that I can't
> figure out. I entered some real data and exported to SAS. However, most
> variables are coming as missing (.), but very few are coming with the
> labels. I am thinking that it's something related to the checks on EpiData
> and not a SAS problem. If anyone could help me I would appreciate. Following
> attached is the .rec file.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rafael
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