[EpiData-list] Level 1 test release of EpiData Manager available

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Thu Jul 8 16:41:26 CDT 2010

Dear All

We have reached level 1 functionality and users are kindly asked to 
challenge this on the uploaded exe files for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Level descriptions are:
EpiData Manager:
level 0: proof of concept, first xml data file attempt
            (reached by January 2010)
level 1: final xml structure.
          Basic functionality for one data file at a time.
          Create files by point and click and paste text onto data form
level 2: Add further metadata
   - study description, version numbering, full documentation features
   - entry specification (mustenter, value labels, range etc)
   - multilanguage data file structures (questions)

EpiData Entry Client:
level 0: proof of concept, first saving and reading of data in the 
client. Limited support for data types - not all types supported.
level 1:
      a All data types supported.
      b Added timed backup to secure data
        Backup of xml file to a zip file (e.g. Myproject_01July2010.zip)
level 2: Support further controls
   - entry specification followed (mustenter, value labels, range etc)
   - multilanguage data file structures (questions)

When level 2 is reached I estimate at least 50% and possibly 75% of all 
projects with data entry can be handled with respect to data definition 
and entry.

During the coming time focus will be on developing the prototype (level 
0) of a dedicated data entry client.

Please discuss function in general of the released manager and the 
development plan on this list and report reproducible errors to the 
flyspray database

The introduction document for the manager is placed on the testing page 
with exe files for the operating systems Linux, Mac and Windows.
See http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php 

When you first start the application you  will see two sections, which 
contain further definitions and guidance.

Please notice that all development based on Freepascal and Lazarus. This 
is what allows for multiplatform release based on a common source code. 
See http://freepascal.org/ and http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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