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Tue Aug 10 02:16:59 CDT 2010

  Development of the stand alone Data Entry Client is progressing and we 
need to take some decisions.

In short the revised setup will be such that a project manager person 
will use the EpiData Data Manager to define data files, to document file 
contents etc. whereas the actual data entry will be done with a 
dedicated Entry Client, which can only do entry. On the list it was 
suggested earlier that it is important that the entry persons can get a 
quick overview, e.g. by data lists, spreadsheet view of the data or a 
codebook. We will look at this later.

I invite you all to discuss and comment on the following aspects:

a. Show field names on entry form.
     Could be either:
     A1 Be part of the data file definition (sort of built into the 
     A2: Defined via an ini file for the client

     I tend to think that this is part of the project managers decision, 
and therefore it should be A1, but I am not sure. Currently this is NOT 
part of the data file definition, but part of the ini file for the 
Manager . .

b. When the Entry Client opens a data file, which record should be shown ?
     b1. The first one
     b2. The last one
     b3. An empty "new" record - ready for entry (as in current EpiData 

     Would depend on the project. I suggest we decide on b2. This shows 
how far entry is and the user can then issue a specific action to 
continue adding (e.g. ctrl+N).

We can always discuss later if some of this could be controlled by 
commands or specifications, but a default must be defined now.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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