[EpiData-list] Design decision for Data Entry Client

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Tue Aug 10 06:41:23 CDT 2010


I agree that A1 is best. This is a data manager decision as it will affect the screen layout. It can be in the .ini for Manager, but not for Entry. It also works for the single user application (e.g. outbreak). (My preference in the long run would be to have some control over placement of the field name, but I don't feel strongly about this, based on what I've seen so far.)

I also agree with David on b4. Let the data manager decide what record shows. This is a 'check file' operation in current version terms.

Jamie Hockin

On 2010-08-10, at 3:16 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> a. Show field names on entry form.
>    Could be either:
>    A1 Be part of the data file definition (sort of built into the datafile)
>    A2: Defined via an ini file for the client
>    I tend to think that this is part of the project managers decision, and therefore it should be A1, but I am not sure. Currently this is NOT part of the data file definition, but part of the ini file for the Manager . .
> b. When the Entry Client opens a data file, which record should be shown ?
>    b1. The first one
>    b2. The last one
>    b3. An empty "new" record - ready for entry (as in current EpiData Entry)

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