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Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the suggestions. The command: /sa worked. Will this always be
the case? Will I always have to reverse the values? Why is the program
taking the higher values of the variables to mean case and exposed as
the default setting? I do have the latest version of analysis. 

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This does seem odd as the TAB command takes as default the higher values
of the variables to mean "case" and "exposed". However, the info at the
bottom of your tables shows that it is taking (Item03C=N) as exposed and
Status="control" as the outcome.

Try this with adding to the end of the command: /sa
This reverses the order of values. 
Do you have the latest version of Analysis?

This was always a problem with EpiData as well - getting the values in
the right order for both 
Jamie Hockin

On 2010-08-11, at 1:53 PM, Sandy wrote:

> As you know, I am trying to learn how to use EpiData Analysis by
> practicing with a previous outbreak that occurred. However, I'm
> into some troubles with the calculations. I wonder if I'm missing a
> command or doing something wrong.

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