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  What I would do in that situation is:
0. I would NEVER work on a data entry system and rely on data in one 
place or on one computer only.

1. Make sure to have back-up of all files including "corrupt ones".

2. Make a challenge test with the software. E.g. for entry and .not do 
as described by Jamie Hockin in a previous mail.

3. If you experience problems after 40 observations, then copy the .not 
file to some other location and rename, e.g. notes1-40.not   
notes41-79.not etc

4. For finding any backup copy or left over copy of a "pre-corrupt" file 
I would search my entire harddisk, including hidden files, for a text 
string that I knew was in the "pre-corrupt" file. E.g. parts of your 
observation 1 text.  Several software tools will do this e.g. the 
crimson editor or total commander.

5. To recover the text from  "pre-corrupt" or "corrupt" .not file I 
would use an editor such as "Crimson editor" or "pfe" or similar ascii 
oriented file. Then you would almost certainly towards the end of the 
file, find the cause of the problem - be that size of the .not file or 
some particular control sign.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association
On 2010-08-16, Suzanna wrote:
>> We set up an EpiData database with a notes file<filename>.not. The
>> notes file appears to have corrupted and has taken the qualitative data
>> from over 40 surveys with it.  I was wondering if there was any way I
>> could recover this or if I'll need to re-enter all the data manually
>> into a word document.
>> Do you know of some recovery technique for this kind of problem?

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