[EpiData-list] When do we have open source of EpiData?

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Sun Sep 5 16:23:47 CDT 2010

  A good question from  Omar Bautista González regards release of source 
code for EpiData software:

The release as open-source is part of the current re-writing strategy. 
The release will happen after complete rewriting expected to be 
completed in 2011.

The reason for waiting to that time is that we want to have the ability 
of changing principles until all of the expected functionality has been 
attained. One could argue that by releasing earlier we could get 
assistance from a number of open-source programmers. This could be true, 
but would also necessitate more coordination work to ensure that the 
quality of released parts was sufficiently high. Just small errors 
introduced in crucial core parts would render the software useless. I 
found during the development until now, that it is crucial for securing 
adherence to simplicity, precision and current EpiData principles that 
few experienced people are involved.

In other words, have patience and your wish will be fulfilled.

It would be interesting for the development if you and other users 
described typical usage and posted these as examples, which could be 
included via links from the examples site (www.epidata.dk/examples.php) 
or other web site.

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

On 05-09-2010 22:33, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hello:
> I want to know when we have released for the public the source code of
> EpiData? I see on the web page of EpiData that this initiative is part
> of the interesting strategy. By the way I'm using EpiData because of
> that, along with other reasons like the low resources of hardware
> demanding to execute it.
> Regards,

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