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Hello Edson B,
 I tried to find a solution for your problem while you are in the process of enterenig data , you 
asked for a command in your CHKfile.

With the help of defined variables in a BEFORE FILE section of your CHKfile it is possible to 
transfer content of a variable to the next record.
 When you donot want that same content, you are free to overwrite it.
I made a small example   
 (QES, CHK and REC files, Zipped in a file by the name PROBLEM.ZIP) 
which I added to this replymail and I hope it reaches you personaly.
Good luck, Louk Meertens

> Hello,
> I have a questionnaire that i got from interviewing household members.
> However i was making sure that from each household i interview a male and a
> female respondent. You realize that some of the questions here for a
> household have got have the same answers eg Number of persons in the
> household, number of mosquito nets in the household etc.
> So, am inquiring to know whether there is any command i can include in my
> chk file to identify error between two records.  I badly need your help,
> otherwise its so tiresome to check over 1500 records pair by pair.
> Thank you and regards
> Edson B
> Statistician
> River Blindness Elimination Program, Uganda
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