[EpiData-list] First public test of new Entry Client (xml file structure) - date and keyboard entry

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Sat Sep 11 12:42:39 CDT 2010

I think it is trickier if 2 numbers (or 4 digits) are entered for a date. I would propose that anything other than a single number follow the day and month scheme established for the field. So entering 1011 for a <dd/mm/yyyy> field yields 10 November, but 11 October for a <mm/dd/yyyy> field or <yyyy/mm/dd> field. It's a bit of backwards logic, but would be easily explained to anyone doing data entry. But I have no strong feeling about that.


On 2010-09-11, at 11:10 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> The date rule now is:
> One number: entered as first of dmy/mdy/ymd type, e.g. year for ymd
> Two numbers: entered as first of dmy/mdy/ymd type, e.g. year for ymd
>     if more than 12 in a mdy field, then reject entering
> More than two numbers: depends in the same manner on field type (dmy/mdy/ymd)
> Jamie Hockin suggests to always use a single (or two) digits as day, and I suppose up to four digits always as day + month.
> Please discuss here on the list which logic you would like to see.

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