[EpiData-list] Further on first public test of new Entry Client (xml file structure) - please test and comment

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Mon Sep 13 03:21:39 CDT 2010

Users are urged to test as well data definition, change in definitions 
and entry in files. Also please comment the development on this list.

You can see more about the testing in the announcement mail sent a few 
days ago.

The following aspects will be fixed first:
a. Handling of decimal point, date and time visually
b. Autojump of a field in entry. E.g. in a one digit field
    move to next field after entry of one digit.
c. Add to the help menu a "copy system & version to clipboard"
d. Handling issues of varying size of length of texts in Linux
    versus Windows. To ensure cross-platform of files.

further comments:

re a:
We attempt this strategy: The user will see according to local standard 
(. or , for numbers, /- for dates etc.). The physical epx file will 
contain a given specified standard.  We never use thousands separator.

re c: we need this since versions will change often, and a given problem 
might have been fixed. But the user have currently no way of easily 
copying this information.

Regards to all

Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and coordinator of EpiData Software

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