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Hi Niamh,

Are the questions where participants have ticked 2 boxes "tick as many
as apply" type of questions, 

e.g. Which health practitioners are involved in managing your diabetes?
(tick as many as apply)
- Endocronoligist
- GP
- Nurse
- Dietician
- Other

For such questions I set up a separate field for each option, then 1 is
entered if the box is ticked and 0 if it's not ticked. If on the other
hand participants are ticking multiple boxes where they should only be
ticking one, what should be entered would be up to the project manager.
The decision needs to be consistent and documented. If the responses are
a likert scale, e.g. strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree,
disagree, strongly disagree, they may chose to take the more
conservative response - or a response in the middle if the 2 boxes
ticked aren't next to each other. There's no easy answer to this. It
depends on the research question the study is designed to answer and
needs to be considered separately for each question on the survey where
this has happened.


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Hi all, 

I am new to using epidata and I was wondering if some one could be of
help to me. I have put my quantitative questionnaire into epidata & have
did the rec & chk forms also. I have assigned variables such as 88-for a
question/tick box which any participant has missed or left un-ticked,
and 99-for a question/tick box which the answer is unknown- ie If the
participant ticks for example both a true & false answer.

I am wondering for in the multiple choice aspect of my questionairre,
some participants have ticked two boxes and I was wondering how do I
deal with this during data entry Into epidata? Or do I need to go back &
edit my ques & rec to facilitate this,

Thanks in advance for the help,


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