[EpiData-list] Updated version of Manager and Entry Client

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Thu Sep 16 02:02:03 CDT 2010

  Dear EpiData list.

A new version of the programs EpiData Manager and EpiData Entry Client 
have been release for public testing.

The program can be found in a bundled package on the testing page of 
EpiData website: http://epidata.dk/testing.php

Changes with the new version:

    * On certain OS's and regional settings, the program could create
      datafiles (*.epx) that could not be read again. This has been
      fixed such programs should support local settings for decimal-,
      date- and time separators, while still being able to work
    * In the Entry Client "autojump on filled field" has been implemented.
    * Both Entry Client and Manager have a "Copy Version Info" menu
      item, that will copy the most needed details about program version
      and possibly open project to the clipboard. This information is
      very often vital for locating problems within a program and should
      be sent with when reporting error to us.

Kind regards
Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association.

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