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Thu Sep 16 04:45:23 CDT 2010

  Comments on versions of 16 Sep 2010:

EpiData Manager: epidatamanager.
EpiData Entry: epidataentry.
Test with existing REC file, 130,000 real records, 9 fields

First approach:
In EpiData Manager:
Add structure from File:
Existing field names are not respected as new field names but given V1, 
V2, ...:
v1 country Study country
country Study country #

After editing, so that "v1" becomes "country", etc:
Opening epidataentry and importing original REC file:
Corruption: In 'stream': (line 1 positiong 1): illegal at document level
View line 1:
13 1 VLAB
Deleting first line creates another error

Second approach:
Open EpiData Manager
Load datafile, using existing REC file, REC file is loaded
The last 3 fields in the REC file (QES file shown) are:

result1  Result of first examination #.#
result2 Result of second examination #.#
result3  Result of third examination #.#

In EpiData Manager correctly:
length 1 decimal 1

Open epidataentry and REC file:
The three above fields are truncated to become integers, in text editor:
<Record f0="1" f1="101" f3="2003" f4="57" f5="2" f6="0" f7="0" f8="9" 
f9="9" st="0"/>



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