[EpiData-list] Updated version of Manager and Entry Client

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Thu Sep 16 11:33:17 CDT 2010

This just keeps looking better. Below are results of testing today.

On 2010-09-16, aTorsten wrote:

> A new version of the programs EpiData Manager and EpiData Entry Client have been release for public testing.

EpiData Manager
Program Version: 0.5.5
Core version: 0.5
Revision: 181
FPC Version: 2.4.0
Platform: i386-Darwin
Filename: /Users/charlesknightsbridge/Data/Test Data Manager/ics.epx
XML Version: 0
Field count: 127
Record count: 164
+ = correct behaviour
- = problem
Imported .rec with boolean fields. 
- click on a heading selects the entire section rather than the heading; right-click also selects the section
- headings on the first screen, and sometimes the first heading after scrolling down part of a page, can be selected
- it does not matter whether the small information box for the heading is displayed
	But	+ click on a field, press <enter> to edit is OK
			+ tab to a heading, press <enter> and the heading can be edited OK

- Booleans now appear in .epx as "Y" and "N", but Field type=0 still causes Entry Client to crash
I suggest that Booleans be converted to numeric, length 1 with rule (0,N--> 0)(1,Y--> 1). This allows option of adding codes later, but initial "check" code should allow only 0,1

Imported .rec with headings to the right of most fields. 
+ Resulting project looks good and field names are correct.
+ Two fields on a single line are also this way in the project (excellent!)
	- interesting that first column of entry boxes lines up, but second does not; they appear as two columns in EpiData Entry

Imported .qes version of the same file
+ Project looks good
- "First word" not functioning yet, so Vnn field names are inserted (as reported by Hans)

Created a new project
+ new fields go in as expect
Typed "`" by mistake in field length for an integer.
+ Manager displayed error box (invalid integer)
- but options were OK-risk corruption or Kill program. It would be nice to have the option of correcting the problem
- when I clicked OK and fixed the length to 1, field appeared without name/description at (0,0). I could edit it, but not display the name/description
- when I moved the field (still always a bad thing to do on the MAC), hit <enter>, I got another fatal error
+ However, when I save the project, close Manager, open Manager, open the project, it is OK
(new rule for me - click on OK (risk corruption), save project, exit, start again)

EpiData Entry Client
Program Version: 0.1.1
Core version: 0.5
Revision: 46
FPC Version: 2.4.0
Platform: i386-Darwin
Filename: /Users/charlesknightsbridge/Data/Test Data Manager/ics01.epx
XML Version: 0
Field count: 127
Record count: 165

Edited the .epx with Booleans [Type=0, Y/N] to convert Booleans to Integer [Type=1, 1/0]
+ file looks great in Entry client; behaviour as expected
- will * and del buttons work in next test release?

Loaded version of file with two columns
+ all behaviour as expected
+ autojump in the correct order

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