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I was just doing that to test the new EpiData Entry client. The last test version had a problem with boolean fields. 

In practice, I've used both methods to code yes/no fields.

EpiData and Epi Info give you the option of "reversing" the order of fields to have "1,1" appear in the top left corner of a 2x2 table. In fact in the old EpiInfo, the default was to reverse, since "Y" comes later in the alphabet than "N". Some people prefer using 1 for yes and 2 for no.

If I am contemplating using logistic regression, then I try to code with 1 and 0 from the start to avoid the regression software creating dummy variables, since 1 and 0 are required for logistic regression.

In the real world, you will almost always encounter individuals who cannot provide a yes or no answer. Missing is always a third option, but sometimes we want to distinguish "missing - i.e. we didn't ask the question" from "don't know - i.e. we asked, but the respondent could not say either way". Boolean fields just don't work for that.


On 2010-09-20, at 1:21 AM, epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> Hi Jamie
> Could you please explain why you changed the booleans to 0-1 before loading it into manager? Sorry if this is a silly question. I am asking because someone recently gave me an outbreak file where they had used 0 and 1 (created in Excel 0 = no and 1 = yes). The problem was that when I came to analyse it (in this case using Epi Info) it meant that the two by two tables were in the wrong order. Because no was 0 it came out first in the table. I have always used the boolean field in epidata for our outbreak questionnaires and it has worked very well. They come out in the right order in both Epidata Analysis and Epin Info, and also make intuitive sense to the data entry person. 
> thank you 
> Christine
> Christine Roseveare
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> Regional Public Health
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>>>> <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> 13/09/2010 2:34 p.m. >>>
> I successfully loaded a moderately-sized .rec file (changing all booleans to
> 0-1 before loading into Manager--it should prompt to do that for us). Entry
> handled the existing and new data as expected.
> I would like to have the autojump to next field when all digits are filled.
> I assume that this is coming.
> I successfully loaded a fictitious file with just under 500,000 records and
> 12 fields (41.8 MB .epx from an 8 MB .rec). Given the capacity of removable
> memory today, size really isn't a problem. I cannot imagine ever having a
> real file that large. On my old Windows laptop, this file loaded/saved in
> 20-30 seconds, but GO TO any record in the file was instantaneous.
> Jamie
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