[EpiData-list] R, EpiInfo and opensource software

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Thu Sep 23 21:53:56 CDT 2010

I can't speak for Jens and others directly involved in development, but I think it has always been pretty easy to get EpiData data files into R by exporting to Stata. Stata into R is easy.

This is an interesting posting by Pedro as I went through the same thinking about 10 years ago and talked about this with Mark Myatt. We had talked about putting a graphical interface onto R that would be as easy to use as EpiData, giving the power of R underneath. That's fine for analysis, and there are many analyses, especially modelling, that I would do in R by preference. However, I would never try to produce a food-specific attack rate table or even attempt to manage outbreak data in R. 

I am also intrigued by the possibilities, as Pedro points out, once EpiData source is released and a means of plugging in other functions is available. That way, it should be relatively easy to have R do some difficult things in the background while the user can take advantage of the EpiData interface.


On 2010-09-23, Pedro wrote:

> Thus I would not be surprised if one day EpiData friends also start an
> integration with R, as already has been done for SAS, SPSS, WinBugs, SQL,
> MySQL etc etc and more recently it seems that epiinfo too.

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