[EpiData-list] New Manager and EntryClient test version released.

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Tue Oct 5 03:52:34 CDT 2010

  Dear EpiData list.

As of this morning (danish time) new test versions of both EpiData 
Manager and EpiData EntryClient have been released on our testing website:

Please be aware that the back-end code for the testing website have been 
changed, so if you experience any problems with downloading the files 
please report directly to me on:
tc "at" epidata.dk

The major changes for these version are:

    * A "timed recovery backup" system has been implemented in the
      EntryClient. At a given interval (this is set in EpiData Manager
      within "Project->Settings->General") a recovery backup is save to
      disk with the same filename as the project file but with an
      additional extension ".bak".
      On a clean close of the program this file is deleted, hence a
      regular user should not notice the existence of this file, but if
      the program crashes unexpectedly the file will remain an upon
      trying to load the original file, the user is informed that a
      recovery file exist and advised to load the recovery file.
    * In addition to the "timed recovery backup" system, it is no also
      possible to specify that a complete backup of the project file is
      taken on close/shutdown (again, this is specified in EpiData
      Manager). The backup is NOT used as part of the timed recovery
      system, hence the used is not noted of the existence upon loading
      the original file. This is merely meant as a "daily backup"
      feature, that gives the user the possibility of storing backups of
      the daily work. In the future this option is probably going to be
      a lot more configurable by the manager, but for now the original
      file is "just" stored with the same filename, but containing the
      date of saving.
    * Both Manager and EntryClient now has a feature that allow for
      checking on-line if a new version of the program exists. This
      naturally requires an active Internet connection, but if no such
      exists a non-fatal warning is given.
    * In addition to the above a small number of bug-fixes and speed
      improvements have also been implemented.

Kind regards,
Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
EpiData Association.

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