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Wed Oct 6 04:09:33 CDT 2010

While using the latest version of this manager I am missing the option in SETTINGS , to 
make fieldnames invissible as it used to be possible in the first version, Also the whole 
appearance of the OPTIONS-window is much nicer in the first version . Is it possible to make 
that work again?
Louk Meertens

>   Dear EpiData list.
> As of this morning (danish time) new test versions of both EpiData 
> Manager and EpiData EntryClient have been released on our testing website:
> http://epidata.dk/testing.php
> Please be aware that the back-end code for the testing website have been 
> changed, so if you experience any problems with downloading the files 
> please report directly to me on:
> tc "at" epidata.dk
> The major changes for these version are:
>     * A "timed recovery backup" system has been implemented in the
>       EntryClient. At a given interval (this is set in EpiData Manager
>       within "Project->Settings->General") a recovery backup is save to
>       disk with the same filename as the project file but with an
>       additional extension ".bak".
>       On a clean close of the program this file is deleted, hence a
>       regular user should not notice the existence of this file, but if
>       the program crashes unexpectedly the file will remain an upon
>       trying to load the original file, the user is informed that a
>       recovery file exist and advised to load the recovery file.
>     * In addition to the "timed recovery backup" system, it is no also
>       possible to specify that a complete backup of the project file is
>       taken on close/shutdown (again, this is specified in EpiData
>       Manager). The backup is NOT used as part of the timed recovery
>       system, hence the used is not noted of the existence upon loading
>       the original file. This is merely meant as a "daily backup"
>       feature, that gives the user the possibility of storing backups of
>       the daily work. In the future this option is probably going to be
>       a lot more configurable by the manager, but for now the original
>       file is "just" stored with the same filename, but containing the
>       date of saving.
>     * Both Manager and EntryClient now has a feature that allow for
>       checking on-line if a new version of the program exists. This
>       naturally requires an active Internet connection, but if no such
>       exists a non-fatal warning is given.
>     * In addition to the above a small number of bug-fixes and speed
>       improvements have also been implemented.
> Kind regards,
> Torsten Bonde Christiansen.
> EpiData Association.
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