[EpiData-list] how to share epidata files?

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Fri Oct 8 03:29:56 CDT 2010

Dear epidata-list members,

I'm a new member and I'm quite new also in the use of Epidata. I need 
some support.

My team is coordinating a multicentre study. At the beginning of the 
study we prepared a database (files .qes, .chk and .rec) and sent it to 
all centres; during the study they send back to us regularly  the 
updated .rec files with the records. We  have problems in receiving via 
e-mail, as attached documents, epidata files (especially files .rec with 
records, but also without records). We sometimes are not able to open 
the files, or sometimes we manage to open the files but the records are 
not there. We realised it depends also on the e-mail server used by 
every centre, and on other variables too.

I wonder which would be the best way to share epidata databases.

Many thanks


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