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Tue Oct 12 14:29:27 CDT 2010

To add a variable to an existing REC file, I tried what was discussed on:


But I didn't have it very clear. I finally made it doing the following
steps (using EpiData 3.1, under Microsoft Windows):

1) Editing the QES adding a variable with a temporally name as "new".

2) Then, Tools -> Revise Data File

3) Tools -> Rename Fields

4) I go to the new variable and then edited the subsecuent variables
with a temporally name also. The added variable should finally have
the name 'P1103e' and the subsecuent variables must be "moved". In
that sense the new variable would be called 'newe' and the subsecuents
of the same block of questions can be called 'newf', 'newg', 'newh',
'newi', 'newj', and so on.

5) Then, I just go again to Tools -> Rename Fields

6) I then rename the variables with the appropiate names as: 'P1103e',
'P1103f', 'P1103g', 'P1103h', 'P1103i', 'P1103j'.

7) Finally, I changed the QES file with the appropiate names and then
Tools -> Revise Data File.

This steps worked fine for me.


Omar Bautista González
- Coordinador de Investigación para el Desarrollo,
Diseño, Monitoreo y Evaluación
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- Colaborador en investigación social del movimiento del software
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